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Hey everyone. So, as I was browsing the web the other day I came upon this awesome, and oh-so easy manicure, I just had to share it with everyone! 

1. Cut 10 strips of newspaper with writing or pictures that you want to apply to your nails. Make sure they are long enough to wrap around your nails.

2. Pick a base color (preferably something light in color so you can see the print well). Give your nails two good coats and let them dry completely.

3. Soak your fingers for a few seconds in rubbing alcohol or vodka, then apply one strip to each nail, pressing gently. Be careful not to move the strip around as not to smudge the writing. Peel off the strips carefully.

4. Give your nails a clear top coat, and voila! An eye-catching manicure in minutes!

This is what it looks like:

Newspaper print on white polish.

On beige polish.

On gray polish.

You can even get more creative and add pictures on top of the print!


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